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Meet Dr. Keith Billstein

Anoka Chiropractor Dr. Keith Billstein

Dr. Keith Billstein welcomes you to
Anoka Andover Chiropractic!

Hooked on Chiropractic

As a teenager, Dr. Billstein was trying to decide between being a dentist or a chiropractor. That’s when a close friend’s dad who was a chiropractor invited him to his office to be adjusted and learn what chiropractic care is all about.

His chiropractor also explained to him that chiropractic care helps you maintain optimal health, regardless of if you’re in pain or already healthy.

“As an athlete, I thought the chiropractic philosophy was the greatest thing in the world. That’s when I realized chiropractic care can help you live well and perform well. I was hooked.”

From then on, Dr. Billstein was regularly adjusted to stay healthy and play well on the field. Years later, after shadowing the chiropractor around his office, he saw the broad spectrum of care that chiropractic offered, and that’s when he knew that was the path he wanted to follow.

Driven and Dedicated to Help Others

Dr. Billstein attended Logan University in Chesterfield, MO, graduating in 1983. There, he focused on getting the best education possible while studying the chiropractic philosophy. After that, he worked as an associate for a year, opening Anoka Andover Chiropractic in 1985 to serve the families near Anoka.

Dr. Billstein is still just as eager today as he originally was to help people live and perform their best. Health has always been paramount to him. Now, his wellness-based practice is focused on helping people make positive lifestyle changes and embrace chiropractic care to maintain good health.

It’s not just about removing your pain; it’s about getting to the core of your health so you can live an optimal life.

Focusing on Activator Methods®

Activator Advanced Proficiency Rated Chiropractor in AnokaSince 1990, Dr. Billstein has been an Advanced Proficiency Rated chiropractor in the Activator Methods® adjusting technique. He’s also an American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) certified animal chiropractor.

A Family Man in Anoka & Andover

Over the years, Dr. Billstein appreciates those close to him more and more. “Family is very important to me.” With three children and three grandchildren, he enjoys life on a hobby farm with his cherished wife, Mary, and their horses, ornamental pheasants, peacocks, dogs, cats and chickens.

Dr. Billstein enjoys hunting and staying healthy by regularly exercising. He’s been practicing Soo Bahk Do Karate for 30 years and is now a 3rd-degree black belt. He and his family have embraced living near the Anoka community for over 20 years, supporting nearby churches and Patient Appreciation Days that help local families.

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