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About Us

Family Wellness in Anoka & Andover Since 1985

It’s my goal to be able to help you be as healthy as you can be, no matter what. Dr. Keith Billstein

Anoka Chiropractor Activator Advanced Proficiency RatedSince 1985, Dr. Keith Billstein been dedicated to helping those of Anoka through chiropractic care to restore function and motion to the spine for optimal health. “You don’t have to be hurting to visit a chiropractor. As a matter of fact, don’t wait until you’re in pain to see a chiropractor.”

Motion Equals Wellness

Dr. Billstein believes that motion equals wellness. If you can keep your body moving and your spine and nervous system functioning correctly, your entire body is going to move and feel better. Chiropractic care enables your spine to work better so your nervous system can communicate with your body so you can heal, adapt and grow the way you were designed to function.

The Miracle of Healing

Dr. Billstein remembers a patient who was a partial quadriplegic after she and her fiancé were hit by a drunk driver. She broke her neck and fractured her C5, leaving her with frequent severe migraines. After calming her nerves about being adjusted, he started working with her using the Activator Methods® technique.

Over the course of a few years, she began to feel things, and then use both arms and eventually stand. Dr. Billstein recalls, “It was so cool to see her come back to life, little by little!”

Taking Responsibility for Your Health

Dr. Billstein strives to help people understand what they want out of their health and be able to achieve that. “If people know what they truly want, they’re more empowered to be able to do something about their goals.”

As a chiropractor, he knows that people have to be ready to change their health before they will see change. Regardless of your insurance coverage, we want to help you get the care you need to get well and stay well alongside your family.

Do you want to have your spine and nervous system work better so you can have a better quality of life? If you are like many of our patients, you are probably thinking, “why not!” Give us a call and let’s show you the difference that care can make in your life. (763) 427-7122